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Resource Library
June 2020

Thank You

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a Website Development proposal for Path and the DMPA-SC Access Collaborative resource library. Foundry19 specializes in building premier website properties that not only look great and effectively convey your message but are also very easy to use and update.

We believe this project is not only a great fit for us, but also a perfect fit for the WordPress. We have been working with WordPress for since 2010 (version 2.9.2!) and are excited to share our knowledge and expertise with the #1 web platform with you!

Thank you again for your consideration.

Project Overview

Path is seeking a Website Development Consultant that is able to strategize, design and build an online resource library for the DMPA-SC Access Collaborative. The resource library should facilitate DMPA-SC country introduction, scale-up planning and provide technical assistance to ensure implementation of each country’s total market plan as well as help raise awareness of funding gaps among donors. The website should also have a low bandwidth requirement, be mobile friendly as well as intuitive for the end user and website administrators.


In close collaboration with the project team, Foundry19 will:

  • Help develop a content delivery strategy
  • Create an information architecture for the website that will meet today’s needs and accommodate future plans (blog, calendar, activity tracker, etc)
  • Design website UI and work with the project team to refine designs
  • Design mobile version of website
  • Build website in WordPress
  • Integrate existing dashboard using best derived solution (likely just an external link or iFrame)
  • QA and test website across multiple platforms
  • Train project team members how to manage website
  • Host and support website (optional)

Website Strategy/ Proposed Approach

Since the Foundry19 team specializes in WordPress framework, all three solutions will be built in WordPress. The determination of which approach is best will likely come from our first few meetings. Our plan is to provide an external link to the current dashboard or “frame it into the site” using iframes.

Solutions Will Feature:

The ability to add resources (files) with attributes with, and not limited to, the following:

  • File Name
  • File Excerpt (Short Description)
  • File Description
  • Extracted text (for images that may need search terms)
  • Keywords
  • Creation Date
  • Revision Date
  • Category
  • Tag
  • Views (Downloads)
  • Custom Icon
  • etc.

There will also be a robust search that will find files by any of these attributes. This search will read and index PDF files as well. With this methodology, we will be able to create custom pages based on attributes as well.

Solution concept 1: (Search)

Resource library will be a standard, searchable document library where documents are organized alphabetically by category. We will employ an Ajax search that automatically filters the file list as the user types in a search box.

Solution concept 2: (Drill down)

We will create “pathways” to files based on the file taxonomy and document category. The user will “drill down” to the document they are searching for by answering “questions” about their needs.

Solution concept 3: (Both!)

Ideally, we could employ both of these approaches and monitor how the site is used to determine which is best.


Meetings and Project Management –

Website Design –

Design and PM $21,625.00


WordPress Setup and Desktop Development
Mobile Responsive
$1,875.00 Content Migration
$0.00 Training

Website Hosting, Maintenance, Backups, and Security Updates $249/month




Winner selected on May 13th

The work must be complete by July 31, 2020.


C. Proposals due: May 8
Completed proposals should be submitted by email to the contacts listed above. The subject line of the email should read: RFP 2020-021 – Your Company/Name


Brian Singer

Principal / Digital Strategy
An experienced programmer himself, Brian oversees our development team and web operations. His 15 years of experience in the industry provide a wealth of knowledge in data processing, hosting, high-level strategy, SEO, and more. Brian is a master of managing scope creep as well as keeping projects on schedule. He has a B.F.A. in Imaging Arts and Sciences from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Rebecca Biello

Principal / Creative Strategy
When clients tell us their goals, Becky listens intently. Her keen attention to detail coupled with her uncanny ability to plan and strategize are at the core of every project. She truly takes the time to not only get to know our clients, but their industries as a whole—ensuring our solutions are unique and competitive. She has a degree in Visual Communication Design from Stevenson University.

Bryna Colley

Principal / Creative Director
As Foundry19’s Creative Director, Bryna does what she’s done best for over a decade—inspire great design. Her knack for finding unique solutions has made her an award-winning designer. Now, her ability to bring our creative team together to consistently produce top-notch websites makes her an invaluable part of our projects. Bryna has a degree in Visual Communication Design from Stevenson University.

Support Team

Brian Snyder

Art Director

Alex Neric

Senior Web Designer

Allen Robinson

Director of Application Development

Sean Kellner

Web Applications Engineer

James Cunningham

Web Developer
Project Included:
  • Salsa CRM integration
  • Cancer Health Check interactive tool

American Institute for Cancer Research

For over thirty years, AICR has led the charge in funding cancer research and promoting research-backed recommendations for diet and lifestyle that help prevent cancer. The non-profit’s content-heavy site benefited from clear, intuitive site navigation and a robust site search feature. A 5-minute Cancer Health Check tool was also created to help users quickly understand their cancer risk. Integration with their existing Salsa CRM setup allowed them to easily process donations via the site.